Number Name Description
1 Lletanwyn The Capital of Inaxaem
2 Afneb Largest Settlement of Halflings on Inaxaem
3 Mefkatef Southern Orc Tribe
4 Dinduhuez Southern City Ruled by a Human Noble
5 Gektau Coastal Town Known for Smuggling
6 Ilephebhfir Largest Elven City on Inaxaem
7 Ziikaradswe Mountaintop Aarakocra Village
8 Redkomp Starter Town by the River
9 Kaelruun Wizard Tower
10 Jaswendhar Largest Dwarven City on Inaxaem (Underground)
11 Ortautef Northern Orc Tribe
12 Sildar Southern City Ruled by a Half-Elf Noble
13 Fritk Largest Settlement of Gnomes on Inaxaem
14 Zurgbluperk Gigantic Hobgoblin Fortress
15 Bromwich Small Town Known for Rare Minerals
16 Polperro Small Town That's Passed Through By Travelers a Lot
17 Camp Kerr Small Outpost Watching Hobgoblin Land Border
18 Mysterious Island Not Much Known - Heavily Forested
19 Ironhorn Tribe Tribe of Minotaurs
20 Daynark Village Village of Bullywugs